Plakat Fighter for sale (Price USD)
Regular grade for good results $15/fish
Grade A for BIG GAME $20/fish

*** Price include shipment fish from Thailand to fish transhipper only. Please ask tax+handing+shipping fee in your country fish transhipper You preferred to self.

Fighter family PK147

- Grade A for BIG GAME - bites gills well, sharp teeth, good body rotation and turn around attack.

Fighter family PK146

- Grade A for BIG GAME - Bites face wounds, gills, stomach, tail, with emphasis on biting the face area.

Fighter family PK145

- Grade A for BIG GAME - attack mouth and stomach an lock+slap tear the wound.

Fighter family PK144

- Grade A for BIG GAME - like to bite on face area and chase attack very good.

Fighter family PK143

- Grade A for BIG GAME - Strong mouth and powerful attack to face and gills opponent.

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Julie Tran – Sacramento CA, USA
Tucky Hama – Walnut CA, USA