Fighter family PK149


Plakat Fighter Family : PK149
Bloodline : Indo+Thai
Age 9 month
Color : Green/black, Green/red, Grey/black, Grey/red, Purple/black, Purple/red

Style Fighting

Extremely aggressive fish, Sharp teeth and make damage to opponent very good, This family plakat fighter strong mouth and powerful attack to face and tail little bit, Bite make damage on face opponent very good, Testing against an opponent, attacking until the opponent’s face has severe and large wounds.Some opponent wounds on face to blood. This family not too fast but diligent attack opponent and make damages very good. Tough skin and super heart, Really good for long game.

Male Betta Fighter $20/fish
Female Betta Fighter $18/fish

*** Price include shipment fish from Thailand to fish transhipper only. Please ask tax+handing+shipping fee in your country fish transhipper You preferred to self.

*** If You want I direct send fish to your home tell me please. I will reply grand total price include cost shipping your country and direct send fish to your home.