Fighter family PK150


Plakat Fighter Family : PK150
Bloodline : Vietnam+Thai
Age 9 month
Color : Grey/black, Grey/red, Blue/black, Blue/red

Style Fighting

Extremely aggressive fish and chase bite opponent,  Attack gills stomach and tail, Especially in the tail area, Test fighting with good batch 4 fish and have 1 match bite tail opponent until opponent can not swim, Really sharp teeth and active. Smart fish and fast attack, Defense good, tough skin, Good heart.

Male Betta Fighter $20/fish
Female Betta Fighter $18/fish

*** Price include shipment fish from Thailand to fish transhipper only. Please ask tax+handing+shipping fee in your country fish transhipper You preferred to self.

*** If You want I direct send fish to your home tell me please. I will reply grand total price include cost shipping your country and direct send fish to your home.